The most beautiful sightseeing spot in the Viennese Alps

01. 05. 2017

Great views, wonderful panorama: so beautiful are Viennese Alps.

In the Viennese Alps, there are lots of wonderful panoramic, deap or contrasting views. Every such views points to the unique beauty of the landscape. Particularly intense view of the surrounding countryside offering the viewing platforms. In the moment it becomes clear why this region in Lower Austria is named "paradise of views".

Those who are not local, can make a first impression by the virtual panorama. Such images are formed at regular by the high definition webcam of "Phönix auf Goldbergen", it gives pictures of Vienna Alpine arch - the world over Wechsel and Semmering, Rax, Schneeberg, Hohe Wand to Wiener Neustadt and Vienna.

From these places, towers and viewing platforms can the Viennese Alps be observed in all its glory. Here you can find all these places:

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